Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop - SWEEPING THE USA

Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop! Our hosts for this event are Sweeping The USA and MamaNYC! We have some great giveaways and even a GRAND PRIZE iRobot Roomba, which is a robot that will actually vacuum your floors!

This event will run from March 10-24, 2012. Keep reading to find out what I am giving away, but don’t forget to enter for a chance at our GRAND PRIZE – and hop down the linky list for a chance to win even MORE prizes!

I’m giving away $15 in Natural House Probiotic Cleaners (see my review HERE), a $15 Walmart GC and $50 Beauty Gift Pack (so you can go out after you clean!)

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  1. Amanda Hoffman says:

    i like to vacuum

  2. I like to vacuum

  3. Rebecca Graham says:

    I like windexing the windows.

  4. Michael Mayhew says:

    I like to vacuum

  5. Helene Tienda says:

    I actually don’t mind doing laundry, because I can just sit down and watch tv while I’m folding, and it’s not like it’s a lot of work to put clothes and soap in the washer for 45 minutes, and then in the dryer for another hour.

  6. I would like to vacuum :-)

  7. darlene bohannon says:

    i like doing laundry

  8. i like to vacuum and mop

  9. Rebecca Xavier says:

    I like to organize things.

  10. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like organizing and the laundry

  11. Robin Quick says:

    I like washing clothes.

  12. Hmmm that is a tough one! I guess I like to put laundry away because it means I am all done! hehehe
    Angela Michels
    lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

  13. Lisa Cal says:

    I like dusting & vacuuming

  14. Yay! What a creative giveaway – so we can clean up nice before we go out! Cute! :-)

    Dropping by from the hop!

  15. Chris Shari Alligood says:

    I enjoy dusting

  16. I like to fold laundry!

  17. tracietrump@yahoo.com says:

    Love the to do laundry, tracietrump@yahoo.com

  18. I enjoy laundry! You do that in segments:)

  19. dusting

  20. I like the mop the floor. tHank you

  21. Kristie Betts says:

    I like the ending when my house smells all nice and clean and it looks wonderful, does that count??

    Thanks for being part of the Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop

  22. what a question – I appreciate doing chores that last. For example mopping the kitchen floor is guaranteed to attract a spill of coffee, dropped crumbs et cet within minutes of becoming ‘clean’. I really like shampooing the carpets. Renting the machine, getting the house done within the time allowed and waiting for carpets to dry … but then the carpets look and smell so good.

  23. Marti Parks says:

    I’m not sure that I really enjoy any household chores, but I don’t really mind dusting the furniture.

  24. i love to do laundry and change the sheets on the beds

  25. Joyce Mlinek says:

    I like to vacuum for that overall clean look to a room.

  26. It actually feels good for me to move furniture and get all the nastiness that I don’t get to during normal cleaning like under the stove, and under the bed. I also feel better when I go through my closet and get rid of things I don’t wear and straighten things up in there

  27. LeDerpyReader says:

    I would love to clean out my closet D:

  28. I like organizing my closets!

  29. colleen boudreau says:

    I like sorting through/organizing drawers and closets.

  30. I like to vacuum and dust, both are a definitely daily chore ;)

  31. I actually enjoy vacuuming and dusting.
    I don’t like anything to do with scrubbing! ;)

  32. Stacey Copenhaver says:

    I dont mind vacuuming. I hate putting laundry away!

  33. I don’t mind doing the dishes too badly.

  34. I like vacuuming!

  35. Andrea Williams says:

    The laundry is my choice for the chore I like the most!

  36. Renea Greathouse says:

    I like doing the laundry.

  37. I just like cleaning in general. I don’t really clean that often..but boy when I do. I go all out and enjoy it because it’s finally getting done.

  38. Holly S. says:

    I like doing laundry.

  39. Amy Orvin says:

    I like to do laundry and vaccum.

  40. Susan Smith says:

    I like to vacuum because it doesn’t take long and I like seeing my floor vacuumed

  41. Amy Adams says:

    Load the dishwasher!

  42. wow, now that is a loaded Q!! I guess I can say washing the dishes, since I have a dish washer and I load as they get dirty & just have to remember to unload when they are washed, LOL! thanks for a fun giveaway :o)

  43. LAMusing says:

    I like cleaning the floors. I hate cleaning the windows.

  44. I like laundry.

  45. I like to hand wash the dishes. The hot water and nice smell are soothing.

  46. Sandra W. says:

    Does laundry count? I like laundry, ironing and vacuuming. Someone else can make the beds, clean the bathrooms and dust because I HATE those chores.

  47. I dont mind doing dishes but i HATE dusting

  48. Leslie Galloway says:

    I love sorting through “junk drawers” and the closets and stuff and donating/throwing out. It’s such an accomplished feeling.

    FACEBOOK Profile: facebook.com/GallowayLeslie

  49. I like washing dishes.

  50. Unbelievably, laundry… I have five people to do laundry for and I still don’t mind it. I find it kind of soothing…

  51. Jessica E Ledford says:

    I like to mop! (hate sweeping first though – so hubby does that) :)

  52. Michelle Macaluso says:

    I like cleaning out my closet

  53. chattie hale hinkle says:

    sweeping floor

  54. Mia Jacobs says:

    I like to do the dishes.

  55. Allison (Allie Lanc on RC) says:

    I actually like doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen.

  56. I like to wash and fold my daughters clothes.

  57. Michele Behlen says:

    I like to vacuum

  58. jodi lasher says:

    i love doing dishes

  59. I enjoy hanging laundry on the line outside

  60. I like to vacuum and sweep!

  61. I like to vaccum.

  62. Debbie Bsihop says:

    I actually like to vaccum. But having this to do it for me inbetween times would be great!

  63. I hate cleaning the house but I don’t mind ironing if there’s just a few things to do.

  64. Sara Logan says:


  65. I love to Swiffer with my Swiffer Vac. Such a quick way to clean the floors!

  66. Lisa Fisher Walker says:

    I don’t mind vacuuming.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I like to vacuum.

  68. I will clean the carpet!

  69. Jeannette Laframboise says:

    Not sure if this counts as a cleaning chore but my fav thing to do is ironing…I know, nuts right? I think I might be the last person on the planet that actually still irons. :-)

  70. Washing dishes.

  71. LeAnne J. says:

    have to be in the mood, buti don’t mind to deep clean the kitchen….looks so much better afterwards!

  72. Honestly i like to make sure the bathroom is done. it doesn’t take much considering our bathroom is tiny. i usually just spray some bleach on the toilet and wipe it down with the toilet brush soon after. it is a quick and easy chore that i do when i am the only one in the house or late at night after everyone is in bed. plus i share a house with a husband and two boys and well i am sorry but i like to have a clean toilet seat quiet often…

  73. Sweeping

  74. Jessica S says:

    I really like to use my scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaner

  75. Stephanie says:

    I guess organizing and tidying up in general, but I feel accomplished when I vacuum the dog hair up off the floor.

  76. The Laundry

  77. I like to vaccuum, but hate sweeping and mopping

  78. I like tidying most.

  79. Stephanie Hirsch says:

    I like to vacuum!

  80. Anne Milkie says:

    I like to clean the bathroom because I see results faster than any other room

  81. Nikki Lynn Hanna says:

    I love to do laundry


  82. Laundry, becuase there’s not much to do except throw clothes into a machine.

  83. Tara Berke Torres says:

    I like to fold the laundry.

  84. I love organizing and cleaning my kitchen.

  85. Tracy Awalt Juliano says:

    I enjoy doing laundry.

  86. Farrah Shumway says:
  87. Jennifer Haile says:

    I like mopping the floors as long as no one is walking nearby.

  88. Trasina McGahey says:

    I like to clean the living room. Strange I know!

  89. Dottie Prater says:

    Ironing. The sense of neatness to well pressed clothing!

  90. To be honest, I really don’t like to do any chores.

  91. Tami husak says:

    sweep floors is not to bad

  92. Russell Moore says:

    I don’t mind the doing the dishes. I kind of zone out and operate on automatic.

  93. I like to vacuum!

  94. I like vacuuming the floor.

  95. Johnetta Dawson says:

    I can’t think of a single cleaning chore that I like. :(

  96. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    I like doing the dishes, but it’s nice if I get a break once in a while.

  97. Amy Baker says:

    I like to dust I love the smell of freshly polished furniture!

  98. Lauren Garrett says:

    I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen!

  99. CrystalGB says:

    I don’t mind sweeping.

  100. Janet Jackson says:

    I like doing laundry! :)

  101. I like washing the dirty dishes because the sound of running water relaxes me

  102. Sweeping

  103. Alicia Zirjacks says:

    I like to mop!

  104. Hilarie Watkins says:

    I don’t like doing any chores, but the one I would prefer over others is laundry.

  105. Maritza Robinson says:

    I love organizing things and getting rid of stuff I don’t need. Thanks for giveaway!

  106. chelesa sims says:

    i like to wash dishes and organize stuff

  107. Linda TAylor says:

    Not many that I enjoy, but I guess laundry

  108. amy miller says:

    actually i love cleaning anything…cleaning calms me…

  109. Holly Thomas says:

    emptying the dishwasher!!

  110. Jillian Tyre says:

    I like organizing and condensing. I am a packrat, so when I can finally let go of things, it feels good!

  111. Hyzennthlay C says:

    I actually sort of like to dust!

  112. Andrea D. says:

    I like feeling of having organized what needs to be done.

  113. catherine c says:

    i like doing laundry

  114. paige kelley says:

    I enjoy most of them.. except dishes. I LOVE spring cleaning!

  115. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’m supposed to like cleaning something?!?! If I have to choose something, it would have to be laundry…I just don’t like the folding and putting it away!

  116. I love to vacuum and to do dishes

  117. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    I like to Swift our hardwood floor with “Swifter” wipes; smells fresh and looks nice & clean.

  118. Devona Fryer says:

    I like to vacuum

  119. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} says:

    I don’t mind vacuuming :)

  120. I like wash clothes

  121. kristina says:

    I like to fold laundry

  122. Keisa Rogers says:

    I love pulling everything out and doing the baseboards.I room looks so much bigger when they are all sparkly

  123. I like doing laundry

  124. Nicole Carter says:

    I really don’t mind doing the dishes as long as there is a dishwasher!

  125. Sweeping :)

  126. A chore that I like to do?? I really don’t like doing any of them. But, I like a clean house.I would have to think what chore I don’t hate as much. I guess it would be cooking. That feels like a chore some times, but I enjoy it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  127. I hand wash the dishes and don’t mind it at all. I like it when the chores are done and everything is in its place and looks neat and tidy. Doing it isn’t my favorite thing to do but I don’t really mind once I get started.

  128. Shannon Gallagher says:

    I do like to vacuum!

  129. Bridget Hopper says:

    I like doing dishes.

  130. Barbara R. says:

    I like to dust and polish best.

  131. laundry

  132. Kathy Ross says:

    I like to do laundry.

  133. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    I like laundry!

  134. I don’t mind doing laundry and dishes.

  135. Mary Baker says:

    I like doing laundry. I do NOT like doing dishes!

  136. jennifer says:

    Putting away laundry :)

  137. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  138. Chrystal S says:

    If I have a washer and dryer where Im living laundry! If I have to truck it to the landromat though forget it! :/

  139. Linda Kish says:

    I like to do laundry.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  140. Alicia Keen says:

    i love cleaning the ktichen

  141. Laura Lynch says:

    i don’t mind the dishes actually.

  142. I like washing and drying, but not folding or putting away, the laundry.

    I also really enjoy cleaning my floors with my Shark Vac-Then-Steam floor cleaner. Best Christmas present ever.

  143. I don’t mind doing the laundry

  144. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I like doing the laundry or vacuuming

  145. Brianne Libby says:

    I don’t mind putting away laundry.

  146. Jennifer H. says:

    I like to vacuum
    jenhedger at hotmail dot com

  147. I like to fold the laundry! I also don’t mind doing the dishes.

  148. Sophia Rose says:

    I love to clean my kitchen.

  149. I like doing laundry because I love the way the house smells from the detergent/fabric softener!

  150. Tonya Dean says:

    I like getting rid of stuff. With my family (a bunch of pack rats) it’s very hard to do.


  151. Dusting.

  152. I like to do the laundry

  153. Rachael H. says:

    I like organizing! just about anything :)

  154. Kasee Johnson says:

    I like to clean my kitchen counters. My whole house feels clean when the center of my home is germ free.

  155. Maegan Morin says:

    I’m sorry I cant honestly say that I like doing any cleaning chore whatsoever. But if it counts I actually really like folding laundry.

  156. Jennifer Pickett says:

    I can’t say I “LIKE” doing any household chore. Would happily skip them all. However, I don’t really mind doing the laundry or washing the dishes.

  157. ashlee lewis walls says:

    I don’t mind vacuuming especially under the couch cushions. My oh my the things I can find there lol.

  158. I like doing laundry. Love folding the warm clothes and linens!

  159. jose gueits says:

    wahing dishes

  160. Missy Lynnh says:

    That’s a tough one! I don’t mind dusting because my kids and dogs have allergies and I feel like I’m helping them the most by doing that job.

    PS- I can’t get rafflecopter to take my follow-you-on-twitter entry. The enter button returns to its normal state after clicking it. But I do follow you on twitter. I’m mlynnh8

  161. Deb Hornick Gotham says:

    I enjoy doing the laundry,thanks very much for the giveaway!

  162. Jude Skocki Kelly says:

    I love to do laundry.

  163. Audra Weathers says:

    I actually like doing the windows.

  164. Swiffer is relatively the most painless.

  165. Cooking! :)

  166. Donna George says:

    Sweeping is therapeutic

  167. jennifer bowen says:

    i like doing the wash

  168. I like doing laundry and using a great smelling detergent and softener!

  169. I don’t mind doing the dishes.

  170. I don’t mind the laundry (as long as it gets to the laundry room) and I don’t mind organizing the closets/pantries.

  171. betsy barnes says:

    My favorite chore is mopping the kitchen floor :)

  172. Gretchen Gerth says:

    I like to wash windows. I like that you can see the difference.

  173. Juana Esparza says:

    Wash clothes and hanging them on the cloth line.

  174. I don’t really LIKE any of them, but I don’t mind washing clothes. Just because there is some satisfaction in getting cleaning done does not mean I like doing it.

  175. I don’t mind doing laundry and putting the clothes away

  176. Vacuuming is my favorite!

  177. I actually like to vacuum – I just wish I liked my vacuum cleaner more!

  178. i like to dust

  179. michelle combs says:

    you’re kidding, right? I can’t say that I like to do any cleaning chore except maybe cleaning my plate!!! Is that considered a cleaning chore?

  180. Maria Balmeo says:

    washing dishes :)


  181. Michelle Spayde says:

    LIKE????? While I’m constantly cleaning because I like a clean house, there isn’t any one chore that I “LIKE”!

  182. Lisa Garner says:

    I like spraying the counters with disinfectant. Makes me feel good that it’s germ free.

  183. Heather Fawcett says:

    I like to wash the dishes and cook.

  184. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    can’t say that I like any cleaning, but it has to be done
    thanks for the giveaway

  185. Tara Woods says:

    I like cooking and washing dishes as long as the stereo is playing.

  186. I enjoy washing the outside windows, its like washing away the dreariness of winter.

  187. Paul T / Pauline T says:


  188. Bianca Roman says:

    I actually like doing laundry!

  189. I like to organize, I have to control myself when in the school aisle at the store or I will buy everything, lol. Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve been dying to try the Natural House products, especially Trashy!!

  190. I like doing the laundry. I like doing the smell of the clean clothes and hanging items on the line to dry. It is relaxing work.

  191. Love doing laundry.

  192. I don’t mind doing outside chores.

  193. Judy Bradley says:

    I like cleaning & organizing the linen closet.

  194. I love the thinking time while washing dishes

  195. Lisa Puckett says:

    I like to vacuum and do laundry

  196. Michelle Tucker says:

    I like to clean out my bathtub.

  197. ashley dominguez says:

    I love to do laundry I guess lol

  198. Abby Kraynick says:

    I like to do the dishes.. That way I know they are done right ♥

  199. Jennifer Fujimori says:

    I like dusting!

  200. I like vacuuming

  201. Jessica Cox says:

    I like to use the swiffer

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