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K2V-Cup for Keurig VUE Brewers – Review

Disclosure: I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.


Guess what the makers of the VUE have come up with? It’s an adapter type device you can use K-Cups in for your VUE!! Yippee!!! Now you can enjoy that perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever hot or cold drink you desire in the flip of a switch with your VUE and with the convenience of buying it in K-Cup style!

You can also use your own coffee. And it has a refillable cup inside! I used some of my own coffee when I tried this out and it turned out wonderful! Then I tried a K-Cup and it was even better! It’s so worth the money! You could even use loose tea in this!

Clean-up is quick and easy for this great product!

A lot of people love their Keurig VUE and will love it even more with the ease of using the K-Cups now, which are in tons of stores! Now you can have your great coffee maker and the extra benefits of the convenience the K-Cup users usually have!

Check out the great features!

  • 2 in 1 Coffee reusable Coffee Cup!
  • Use any K-Cup in your Keurig VUE Machine
  • Use your own coffee in the Keurig VUE
  • Comes with the Eco-Fill (Compatible with traditional single serve brewers)
  • Does not work with Vue 1200 and Vue 1255


You can order yours today! Just go to Amazon!



  1. I love refillable kcups. I can drink my own coffee and it saves me money!

  2. Thank you for the review. However, I just would like to caution users that it is not made be Keurig VUE. It comes from EZ-Cup. And, not all K-Cups are compatible with this device. However, I hear great reviews for using the coffee filter it comes with for brewing coffee and tea. :-)

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